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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

losing with no support system...My

The beginning of this month i wrote a blog about starting over and losing weight the right way. well its now 21days later and let me tell you it has not been easy what so ever(trying to lose weight never is). I have been trying really hard to eat right and workout 30 min a day but with temptation of forbidden food from family (since i am the only one in my house on a diet there is always temptation)I have fallen off my diet a couple of times. after thinking about it i feel like i am missing a support system someone to push me to do that last mile or tell me to put down the soda and have an apple.If you’re trying to lose weight it’s important that you find yourself a good support system. Someone that will push you, help you, and motivate you. And they should also know about nutrition. They need to understand what you’re going through and not try and temp you. you need someone who will encourage you, educate , and push you close to their breaking point.
If you your like me and you have no support system then you should try to be that for yourself and try to practice self control around food that you know you should not have I know its easier said than done(because boy let me tell you its hard to keep your self encouraged when you don't feel very encouraged sometimes)but if you have no one to help keep you in line then try and be your own motivator and push yourself to the limit I know i should be the last one to speak about pushing yourself but its all new to me and something I plan to keep trying and doing it until i get it right and I am happily health.


  1. Having a support system is very helpful. But support comes in many forms. I get most of my support from online. i get in blog friends, facebook, and on my fitness pal.

    Help can be just one click away.

    In terms of what you are doing, do not be so hard on urself. This is a life long thing you are doing. This is about getting healthy and these kind of changes

  2. thanks I am i just joined a weight loss group on facebook to get online support

  3. here is the link to one of the challenges.... assumingvirtue.blogspot.com/p/christmas-dress-challenge.html

  4. I am glad that you are in the challenge. We are here to support each other....