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Monday, January 9, 2012

SCC Week 1 Check in & Week 2 Goals(Confused and Frustrated)

So its been 9 days since the new year and I am completely lost and frustrated as to why I worked out for an hour 4 days out of the week and I ate clean(expect for this weekend I had fried chicken once) and on my weigh in day instead of losing it shows I gained 3 pounds!!although I am upset and I will continue and try not to give in to the voice in my head telling whats the point when your gaining instead of losing.
 Workout out 4 days a week for an hour or more 
  Do more with weights 
  and ab work outs 
  Run for 3min straight on the treadmill
 Cut out fried food completly 
 eat veggies and fruit more
 STOP eating out of bordome 
 try to cook almost everything i eat
 drink 1 gal of water a day 

My goal for this week........
work out 4-5 days for atleast an 1 hour
Find healthier snacks
eat more veggies and fruit
try to eat salad everyday
keep a diary of what i eat(which I did not do at all last week)
lose 4 pounds
and also to increase my speed on treadmill when running 


  1. I find that happens to me sometimes. Please odn't lose faith. There could be a number of reasons (I;m not an expert or anything) but what about water weight? You are drinking a lot!

    Please don't be too disheartened! You can do it!

  2. Don't lose faith at all. The truth is that this is going to happen sometimes, even if we're doing good. Just keep going!

  3. Did you just start exercising an hour a day? If so, your muscles are holding water and that will cause a weight gain. Don't lose hope, don't get frustrated. Just go with the flow and keep doing what you are doing because before you know it the pounds will start melting off.
    Your plan sounds good, so just let the stress go...
    Have a fantastic week!

  4. I agree with everyone above. Don't freak out too much, the body is a strange thing and if youre doing all the right things then it will pay off in the long run! Hope week 2 is treating you well!

  5. Ditto to everything above - you are definitely doing all of the right things. The scale will DEFINITELY catch up. Chin up!!!!

  6. You got this... The numbers will show that you have done the right thing. Trust the process...

  7. Thanks for the encouraging words :)